About Us

Gujarati Cineworld brings you the latest from the entertainment world. It is all about upcoming movies, reviews, interviews, gossip, new and sneak peek from the Gujarati cinema. In the last few years, movies and plays out of Gujarat have done considerably well and shown tremendous potential towards entertainment. We hope to bring you all of it here.

Our Mission

GujaratiCineworld.com was nurtured from a single idea that there isn’t enough information available on our cinema and stage plays. Actors, producers and directors are energetic and dynamic, we wanted to be a part of it to help people find out more about things they care.

Our Vision

Just in months of creation, Gujarati Cineworld is getting incredible success and love from people all across the world. We wish to continue adding more entertainment and informational value to make the website a reliable one-stop place for all your cinema requirements. Recently, we have also added the ‘Audition’ column and wish to bring in more of these soon.