Premji Rise of a Warrior Gujarati Movie

Premji: Rise of a Warrior

Premji Rise of a Warrior is a new era Gujarati film directed by Vijaygiri Bava & produced by Twinkle Vijaygiri. It also stars the popular hindi cinema actor, Abhimanyu Singh.

The film is about a boy named Premji (played by Mehul Solanki) who hails from a Kutchi village. He comes to Ahmedabad with a tragic past and he constantly struggles to know who he really is. In this journey, his soul mate, Pavan (played by Aarohi Patel) and his best friends Mukesh (Maulik Nayak), Chitra (Namrata Pathak) and Roy (Malhar Pandya) supports him and joins his fight against the evil. Premji: Rise of a Warrior was released on 10 July 2015.

  • Abhimanyu Singh
  • Happy Bhavsar
  • Mehul Solanki
  • Aarohi Patel
  • Malhar Pandya
  • Namrata Pathak
  • Maulik Nayak
  • Vishal Vaishya
Directed by
  • Vijaygiri Bava
Produced by
  • Twinkle Vijaygiri
Music by
  • Kedar Upadhyay
  • Bhargav Purohit
Written by
  • Vijaygiri
  • Gireesh Parmar
Screenplay by
  • Vijaygiri
  • Pruthvish Mistry
  • Nilesh Goswami
  • Pratik Raj
Edited by
  • Chirag Vaishnav
    (Associate Editor : Parth Desai)
Production Company
  • Vijaygiri Films

Premji: Rise of a Warrior Official Trailer

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